Catalogus Plantarum quae in Insula Jamaica (1696)
Dr. Hans Sloane

Herbae bulbosae, bulbosis affines, Hexapetalae & Polypetalae.


Narcissus totus albus latifolius polyanthos major odoratus, staminibus sex è tubi ampli margine extantibus. Lys blancs des Isles. Du Tertre. P.110. Lys blancs des Antilles. Rochef. P.132. An Lilia Candida. Laet. Lib.15. cap.x. P.567? White Lilly of Ligon. P.99. In pratis & sylvis campestribus Jamaicae, Sancti Christophori & Caribearum Insularum ubique inveni.

Lilio-narcissus polyanthos, flore incarnato, fundo ex luteo albescente. Lilium Americanum puniceo flora Bella donna dictum. Herm. par. Bat. P.348. Lys rouge des Isles. Du Tertre. P.110. Lys des Antilles pareils à nos Lys jaunes ou orangers. Rochef. P.133. An Lilia rubra. Laet. lib. 15. cap. 10. p. 567? [p.509 of 1640 French ed.] Red Lilly. Ligon, p.99. In Insula Barbados copiosissime crescentem collegi.


Viscum radice bulbosa majus & elatius, delphinii flore ferrugineo guttato. An troisiesme sorte de lys de Rochef. tabl. P.112? Arborum ramis & truncis innascitur via quâ ab urbe St. Jago de la Vega versus the Salt-ponds itur.

Laet, Joannes - lib. 15, cap. 10, (p. 567?) L'histoire du Nouveau monde (1640)
In the French edition of 1640, book 15 deals with "Brasil and Guaiana". Chapter 10 begins on page 507. The brief passage, on page 509, merely mentions the white and red lilies. The work was compiled from various sources, and was printed as early as 1625. I could not find the Red Lily in the 1630 Dutch edition, but Gothic type is hard to read.

Ligon, Richard - A true & exact history of the island of Barbados: 1657 (p. 99) Mentioned a "red Lilly", and noted that it is not fragrant.

Rochefort, Charles de - Histoire Naturelle des les Antilles de l'Amerique: (1658) 1661 (p. 133) Red Lily is compared to the yellow or orange Daylilies.

Rochefort, Charles de - Le tableau de l'isle de Tobago: 1665 (p. 112) Red Lily is described as orange, and said to be similar in form to the Daylily of the same color.

Du Tertre, Jean Baptiste - Histoire generale des Antilles habitées par las Francois: 1667-71 (2:110-111) Red Lily is described as resembling a Tulip, pale orange with a white base.

Hermann, Paul - Paradisus Batavas Prodromo: 1689 (p. 348) Lilium Americanum puniceo flore Bella Donna dictus. No other description.

Hermann, Paul - Paradisus Batavas: 1698 (p. 194, pl. 194) Flowers like those of a Daylily but larger, elegantly scarlet. Earliest known plate of the American Belladonna. [Aldinus, 1625 and Vallet, 1608 were earlier.]