L'histoire du Nouveau monde ou
Description des Indes Occidentales

Joannes Laet (1640)
French translation

Book 15, chapter 10—Herbes, plantes, & racines bonnes à manger du Brasil, selon les mesmes Autheurs.

Page 503: Il y a aussi diverses fleurs, comme de lis blancs & rouges, & d'autres de mesme genre.

"There are also various flowers, such as the white lilies and red (lilies), and others of the same kind."


It isn't much, but this is the earliest reference I've been able to track down, aside from the Hortus Farnesianus of 1625. These plants were possibly mentioned by earlier Spanish and Portuguese writers. [25 Sept 2015: Vallet's 'Le Jardin du trés Chrestien Henry IV (1608) is earlier.]

Hans Sloane gave the citation as "An Lilia rubra. Laet. lib. 15. cap. 10. p. 567?", uncertain whether the Brazilian plants were quite the same as those in Jamaica and Barbados.

Chapter 10 begins on page 507 in this translation. The Dutch edition of 1630 is arranged differently, but I could not find the passage. There were other versions.