Lilium Sarniense, p. iv (1725)
Dr. James Douglas

From these Authors who have indisputably all of them mentioned this Plant, I proceed to some others who are thought to have described it, but I am fully satisfied, have not.

Of these, Clusius is the first in order. This Author has indeed given us an Account of two Plants, called by him Narcissus Latifolius rubro flore, and the other Lilio Narcissus Hemerocallidis Valentinæ facie, which agree in some things with our Lilly, but in many others they appear to be quite different; neither do his Figures of them at all resemble it: the same thing is to be said of the Narcissus Jacobaeus, so first called by Clusius. This Aldinus has remarked to be a Plant quite distinct from his Lilio Narcissus Indicus, and it is still more so from my Lilio Narcissus Sarniensis.

I have heard it very confidently asserted, That Aldinus, under the Title of Lilio Narcissus Indicus Rubeus; and Ferrarius, by the Name either of Narcissus Indicus Liliaceus Saturato aut diluto colore purpurascens, or Narcissus Indicus flore Liliaceo Sphaericus had described this Lilly; and I own that I was once inclined to be of the same Opinion, but at present, I am perswaded that they are altogether different; for reasons which will plainly appear by the Comparison of my Description, with the Text and Figures of these two Authors.

CybeRose note: It is important to note that the works of Aldinus and Ferrari were sufficiently well-known at the time for Douglas to recommend them to his readers.