Natural History of Jamaica
Patrick Browne - 1789 pp. 194-195

Pancratium I. Foliis compressis obtusis, scapo nudo, floribus umbellatis.
Pancratium spathâ multiflorâ, foliis lanceolatus L.H.C. & Sp. Pl.
Lilio-narcissus maximus Zeylonicus, &c The. Zey. p. 142.

The White Lilly.

This plant grows wild in most parts of Jamaica, as well as other sugar-colonies, and seldom rises above sixteen or eighteen inches in height; the leaves are pretty in those countries and the flowers numerous and white, which renders it an agreeable flowering-plant in a garden: the root is pretty acrid, and has been sometimes used in poultices by antiquated and pale-faced ladies, to raise a forced bloom in their fading cheeks.

Amaryllis I. Flore croceo nutanti, scapo nudo unifloro.
Amaryllis spatha multiflora, corollis aequalibus campanulatis, genitalibus declinatis. L.H.C. & Sp. Pl.
Lilio-narcissus Indicus seu narcissus liliflorus, &c. Pk. 246 f. 2.

This plant, like the foregoing, grows wild in many parts of the island, and is now cultivated in most gardens for the sake of its flowers: it thrives best in a rich soil and shady place.

(Listed in Index II as Amaryllis Belladonna.)