×Sydneya morrisii Traub
[×Zephybranthus morrisii]

×Sydneya morrisii Traub, bigeneric hybrids of Habranthus immaculatus Traub and Zephyranthes bifolia (Aublet) Roemer, produced by Katherine L. Clint.
Note Zephyranthes bifolia in lower left corner.

Hanburyana 5: 37–46 (2011)
Nomenclature of intergeneric hybrids of Zephyranthes
J. C. David

3. ×Sydneya Traub (1954), nom. inval. (Zephyranthes x Habranthus)
Traub (1954) introduced the nothogeneric name ×Sydneya for the bigeneric hybrid Zephyranthes x Habranthus and cited ×Cooperanthes Lancaster as a synonym. The name ×Sydneya is nomenclaturally invalid (ICBN Art. H.6.2) as bigeneric hybrid names must be condensed formulae of the parent genera, as noted by Howard (2001). Further, ×Cooperanthes cannot be a synonym in the strict sense as Habranthus is not one of the parent genera. Traub (1958) subsequently made clear that his approach was based on the concept of nothogenera having types, which is contrary to the ICBN (H.9.1, Note 1). He had "typified"×Cooperanthes on a later hybrid made by Percy-Lancaster, x C. blanda, the cross between Cooperia oberwetteri and Zephyranthes treatiae S. Watson, which Traub, who recognised that Cooperia is a synonym of Zephyranthes, regarded as a species of Zephyranthes. He designated ×C. lancastrae as the "type" of his new genus ×Sydneya, stating the parents to be Z. brazosensis (the name Traub used for Z. chlorosolen) and Habranthus tubispathus, an error he subsequently corrected (Traub, 1958). Traub provided the combination ×S. lancasterae (Percy-Lanc.) Traub, which Howard (1990) transferred to ×Coobranthus, taking Percy-Lancaster's statement of the parentage (see above) at face value.

×Sydneya morrisii Traub (1965), nom. inval. Art. 43.1.
Parentage: Habranthus immaculata Traub & Clint x Zephyranthes bifolia M. Roem. This name was previously also invalidly published by Clint (1964).

×Zephybranthus T. M. Howard (1990) (Zephyranthes x Habranthus)
This is the correct name for the bigeneric hybrid which is given as "×Zebranthus" in Howard (2001)