Florilegium (1612)
Emanuel Sweerts [1552-1612]

Nar a D Garet, flo alb. exteriori parte Rubicunda
Narcissus of Virginia of Pet. Garet
Zephyranthes atamasco

Nar Indicus dict, flo. sanguine
Narcissus from India per Jacobeus, leaves like an autumn crocus
Presumably Sprekelia, but looks more like Narcissus trapezunticus Clus.

Nar bornus flo. lut.


Narcissus totus albus de Virginea a. D. P. Gareto pleno flo. oblongo apice
Double-flowered Zephyranthes candida?

Narcissus autumnalis parvus
This is a traditional though highly inaccurate image of Narcissus serotinus.


Narcissus indicus orientalis

Narcissus indicus occidentalis foliis Narcissi latifolii

Sweerts plate of Narcissus Jacobeus dict. flore sanguin. resembles Parkinson's Narcissus trapezunticus but the name refers to Sprekelia. Robert Morison (1680) copied this misidentification.

Sweerts' Narcissus indicus occidentalis foliis Narcissi latifolii is intriguing. It had not yet bloomed when this plate was drawn, so identification is not possible. Even so, we know from the Hortus Farnesianus that Amaryllis Belladonna L. (=Hippeastrum puniceum) was present in Italy before 1625, and from Plukenet that Lamarck's Amaryllis striata reached Europe before 1696. Bauhin (1623) renamed Sweerts' plant Narciss. Ind. obtuso latissimo folio alter, which is not entirely helpful. However, Ferrari (1633) called this other Jacobeus Narcissus Indicus latofolio narcissino, flore rubro, liliaceo, which suggests that it may have been Sweerts' plant.