Sprekelia formosissima,
collected in Mexico, 1985

Herbert Kelly Jr.
(July 23, 2006)
Sprekelia formosissima Graham Duncan
Sprekelia formosissima Karl King
(June 12, 2007)
San Carlos, CA
Sprekelia formosissima Nov 26, 2019
Hemet, CA
Sprekelia formosissima 'Orient Red' Michael Vassar
Sprekelia howardii This is the second time this year that this bulb has bloomed — May and now in September. When I first mentioned this bulb, I used the name 'minima.' Some thought that such a bulb did not exist. Then it was written up in the 1999 Herbertia with the name. The flower is different from S. formossima. The flower is about 50% the size of It's sister bulb-flower. It is different in that the center petal has a white stripe down the center. The structure of the leaves is different as well. The bulbs were a gift — indirectly — from the the collector in Mexico. I tried to get it to set seed when it bloomed last time. No success. Maybe this time.
Doug Westfall (7 Sep 2001)
Sprekelia pink I have two plantings of Sprekelia (for about 15 years) numbering somewhere between 200 and 250 bulbs. About five months ago, I dug up about 75 bulbs to make room for something else. Having done nothing with the area, a half dozen small offsets have come up. I was going to dig them out soon, but did not. Man am I glad! One of them is just now blooming and it is a color mutation. The color is NOT subtle! It is quite a contrast. The flower and foliage are clearly Sprekelia, but not the color.
Doug Westfall (Nov 6, 2003)
Sprekelia bigeneric hybrids
Hippeastrum (?) x Johnsoni Mrs. Bury
(H. papilio x H. fragrantissimum) x
Sprekelia formosissima
John D. Fellers
xHippeastralia 'Martinique' xHippestralia 'Martinique'
From Luther Burbank's 1909 catalog
A cross between Sprekelia formosissima, the Jacobean lily, and a Hippeastrum vittatum hybrid. "The flowers are fiery crimson—like those of the Jacobean lily but very much larger. The blooms are nine inches in diameter and are even more remarkable for their long curious, twisted petals, which give the flower a strange appearance and which is not found anywhere among the Amaryllidaceae. The leaves are pale green, upright, strap-shape, one inch wide and eighteen to twenty inches long." Seed capsules were produced abundantly but with rarely a viable seed.
xHippeastralia 'Mystique' Rob Turley
xHippeastralia 'Red Monkey'

"The use of Sprekelia in breeding might be useful to convey its immunity to virus."

Satoshi Komoriya
Herbertia, p. 135(1991)

xSprekanthus cagei Marcia C. Wilson of Brownsville, TX