Sprekelia formosissima

Narcissus latifolius Indicus rubro flore
Clusius 1601

Lilio Narcissus Indicus flore rubro Vulgo Jacobeus
Pierre Vallet 1608

Nar. Indicus dict, flo. sanguine
Emanuel Sweerts 1612

Narcissus Iacobaeus flore rubro
John Parkinson 1629

Nar. latifol. Indicus rubro flore vulgo Iacobeus
De Bry 1647

Lilionarcissus Jacobaeus latifolius Indicus rubro flore
Robert Morison 1680

John Simson 1729

Lilionarcissus Jacobaeus flore sanguineo nutante
Georg Ehret ca. 1744

Jacobaean Amaryllis
John Hill 1759

Amaryllis formosissima
Mrs. Bury 1831
Clusius called it Narcissus Jacobeus.

A. de Jussieu called it La Belladone.

Portuguese gardeners of the second half of the 18th century called it Belladonna Lily.

Sprekelia formosissima is the Mayhua, Amacayo and Azcal Xochitl of the West Indies (Central and South America).

Its bulbs have been used to prevent hair loss.

Sweerts described his flower as "sanguine", but Parkinson seems to have copied the figure for his own yellow Narcissus Trapezunticus. The DeBry illustration has thicker tepals, suggesting the Lilionarcissus rubeus indicus of Aldinus, which was also known as "Narcissus Jacobeus". Ferrari called the same plant Narcissus Indicus latofolio narcissino, flore rubro, liliaceo, which allowed for confusion with the plant Clusius had named Narcissus Jacobaeus latifolius Indicus rubro flore.