Amaryllis Equestris (Linn. fils)
Amaryllis Belladonna L.

Augustin De Candolle wrote the descriptions for the first four volumes of Redouté's Les Liliacées. Regarding Amaryllis equestris he wrote "This plant has long been confused with Amaryllis belladonna; it indeed appears that this species which we are describing now is the one which should be allotted the nickname 'Belladonna,' which was first assigned to another plant, and which is retained out of respect for the received nomenclature." (translation provided by Brent Dickerson)

De Candolle was apparently referring to the Donna bella of Ferrari (1638) as being the species to which the name Belladonna was first assigned, since Hermann first recorded the name Belladonna for the American plant in 1689. Nevertheless, Redoute's portrait of Amaryllis equestre agrees with Amaryllis Belladonna L. (1753), which was named for Hermann's plant.

Linn. fil. distinguished Amaryllis reginae by its shorter tube, a feature Linnaeus did not mention. Rather, Linnaeus distinguished the latter species by the petals which were not recurved at the base.