The Gardeners Dictionary - 1731
Philip Miller

LILIO-NARCISSUS (is so call'd, because it resembles both these Plants) Lily-Daffodil.

The Characters are;

It hath a coated, bulbous Root; the Flower is shap'd like a Lily, consisting of six Leaves, and is cover'd with a membranaceous Sheath like the Narcissus; the Fruit succeeds the Flower in the same Form of the Narcissus, is oblong or roundish, and divided into three Cells, which are fill'd with roundish Seeds.

The Species are;

1) Lilio-Narcissus; Indicus, saturato colore purpurascens. Mor. Hist. The Lily-Daffodil, of a deep purple-colour. [Belladonnaformos Italicus, Barrelier]

2) Lilio-Narcissus; Indicus, flore albo, exterius rubente. Tourn. Indian Lily-Daffodil, with a white flower, which is reddish on the out-side. [Atamasco]

3) Lilio-Narcissus; polyanthos, flore incarnato, fundo ex luteo albescente. Sloane, Cat. Many-flowered Lily-Daffodil with a carnation flower, having a whitish yellow bottom, commonly called in the West Indies, Red Lily. [Amaryllis belladonna Linn.]

4) Lilio-Narcissus; Japonicus, rutilo flore. Mor. Hist. The Japan Lily-Daffodil, commonly called the Guernsey Lily. [Nerine sarniensis]

5) Lilio-Narcissus; folio latissimo, floribus niveis inodoris. Tourn. Lily-Daffodil with a very broad leaf, and snowy flowers without scent.

6) Lilio-Narcissus; Indicus, Narcissus Liliflorus, aureas striis, argenteis pictus, floribus amplis, cernuis gemellis, caule magno cepæ fistuloso. Pluk. Phy. Indian Lily-Daffodil with ample Gold-coloured flowers spotted with silver, and a large hollow stalk. [Amaryllis striata Lamarck]

7) Lilio-Narcissus; Indicus, flore incarnato, lineis albis striato, odorato. Indian Lily-Daffodil, with a carnation flower strip'd with white lines, and of a sweet scent, commonly called the Bella-donna Lily. [Belladonna Italorum, Barrelier]

8) Lilio-Narcissus; luteus, autumnalis, minor, Tourn. The lesser yellow Autumnal Lily-Narcissus, commonly call'd the Autumnal Narcissus. [Sternbergia lutea]

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