Not all Amaryllis varieities will accept Brunsvigia pollen

Hi Ken,
Not all Amaryllis varieities will accept Brunsvigia pollen — and as mentioned by another IBS member recently —if you do set some hybrid seed on the Amaryllis they are easy to identify as they tend to be numerous and very small, with the propensity to germinate  quickly.
Brunsvigia josephinea in turn will not accept the pollen of most Amaryllis — you need to use a few varieities to find one or two that are compatiable.  Resist the temptation to pollinate all the Brunsvigia flowers as you will find that most of the seed formed wont germinate.  I'm not sure what  physiological  process is involved — but some Brunsvigia x Amaryllis crosses form seed that appear to lack the ability to germinate.

Hence finding and using compatible varieties of Amaryllis is I think the most important variable.  The best Amaryllis? seed and pollen parents are really of Amarygia descent — I have found Amaryllis species varieties to be the poorest parents in creating hybrids with Brunsvigia josephinea.  
Jim Lykos
Blue Mountains