Mantissa Plantarum
Linnaeus (1767 & 1771)

Amaryllis capensis. Macula nigricans ad Petalorum ungues. Burm.
Belladon. Monographia Hill, System of vegetab. generation, London. 1758. oct. t. 1-5
Bulbus viridis. Caulis teres, parum compressus.
Corolla regularis, campanulata (Hermerocallidis) [sic], incarnata fundo viridi-albicante: Petala 3 exteriora intus apice ungue reverso. Petala 3 interiora basi ciliata.
Stamina declinata, rubra: Antheris albidis. Stylus ruber.
Zeylanica. excludatur. Crini species est.
orientalis. Monographia: Brunsvigia Heisteri cum figura.

In her Hexandrian Plants of 1831, Mrs. Bury quoted Linnaeus's description of Amaryllis Belladonna in her description of Amaryllis reginae (L'Heritier, non L.). She has it "the three outer petals reversed at the tip, the three inner fringed at the base; the style red", which is reasonably accurate. She also quoted Prof. Martyn's description of A. Belladonna from the 1768 edition of Miller's Gardeners Dictionary.

Obviously she knew the names had been changed, and thoughtfully left these clues for us to follow.