Vegetable Kingdom, 1853
John Lindley

The Amaryllidaceae is one of the few monocotyledonous Orders in which poisonous properties occur. They are principally apparent in the viscid juice of the bulbs of Haemanthus toxicarius and some neighbouring species, in which the Hottentots are said to dip their arrow-heads, and Amaryllis Belladonna, which is said to be employed for poisoning in the West Indies, (Endl.); but this is no doubt a mistake, and the statement applies to some other bulbs of the Order—for the Belladonna is a Cape plant; probably a Hippeastra, which Martius tells us have poisonous bulbs.

"Endl." is the Austrian botanist István László Endlicher (1804-1849). Martius is Karl Friedrich Philipp von Martius (1794-1868), who wrote Flora brasiliensis and Systema materiae medicae vegetabilis brasiliensis.