Amaryllis Belladonna (Linn.)
=Amaryllis Reginae (Linn. fils)

This watercolor sketch by George Ehret includes Linnaeus's phrase name from the Hortus Cliffortianus, Amaryllis spatha multiflora corollis campanulatis aequalibus genitalibus declinatus. Morison's name for the 8-flowered Italian Belladonna, Lilio-Narcissus Indicus saturato colore purpurascens, Moris. Hist. (1680) appears to have been added at a later date.

In his Almagestum Botanicum of 1691-1705, Leonard Plukenet had incorrectly listed "Lilionarcissus rubeus indicus" of Hortus Farnesianus under the "Lilio-Narcissus Indicus saturato colore purpurascens" of Moris. Hist. Clearly, Ehret accepted this identification, and regarded Castelli's plant to be the same as the "Amaryllis spatha multiflora, corollis campanulatis aequalibus, genitalibus declinatis" of Linnaeus, which is a reasonable assumption. Ehret's painting simply records Plukenet's mistake.

A fully colored version of this painting was reproduced in Seligmann's Hortus Nitidissimis as the "West Indische rothe Lilie" and as Amaryllis Mexicana dicta.

Linné the Younger cited Seligmann's copy in his description of Amaryllis Reginae, identifying it with the plant his father described in Hort. Cliff., and named Amaryllis Belladonna in Species Plantarum (1753).