Gardeners' Chronicle ser. 3, 9: 708 (1891)


In conformity with the rules adopted by the Orchid Nomenclature Committee, M. E. Rodigas has given the above name to a hybrid raised in Mr. Van Houtte's nursery out of Cliveia by the pollen of Eucharis amazonica. The hybrid is stated to be quite intermediate between its parents, but M. Rodigas delays publishing a full description till he has had the opportunity of seeing another flower. The provisional name is given in the Illustration Horticole, for May 15. We await the appearance of the new bigener with great interest.

CybeRose note: More commonly listed as xCliveucharis pulchra.

Journal of Horticulture and Practical Gardening, 22:468 (June 11, 1891)

Under the curiously compound title CLIVIEUCHARIS PULCHRA, l'Illustration Horticole for May 15th has a note respecting a bi-generic hybrid, which should possess considerable interest. It is stated that M. Rodigas has given the name to a plant which has recently flowered for the first time in M. Louis Van Houtte's nursery at Ghent, and which had resulted from crossing a Clivia with pollen of Eucharis amazonica. Though it is said to be intermediate between the two parents no description is given, that being reserved until more flowers have been seen, but it is strange the colour is not mentioned.