Amaryllis miniata t. 35
Mrs. Bury

The spathe is two or four flowered; the upper petal very much bent back, the inferior opposite petal much narrower, and straighter; the throat of the tube not at all fringed. Pistil and filaments decumbent, curving upwards towards their extremities; the divisions of the stigma strongly fringed, and becoming more deeply trifid as the flower goes off; anthers pale yellow. Leaves broad, stiff, ribbed; smooth at the edges, and very round at the extremities. Bulb received by Mr. Harrison from Brazil; flowers freely in the bark-stove. Dr. Persoon quotes the Flora Peruviana 3, p. 57. Mr. Herbert says this is a variety of Fulgida, and not the Miniata of Ruiz and Pavon, which has a bearded tube, a character which this flower does not possess. The form of the leaves, and the manner of growth are however very different from Fulgida.