Dictionarium Botanicum (1728)
Richard Bradley

LILIONARCISSUS, is such a Plant as produces Flowers like the Lilly, and a Root like the Narcissus; in English, it may be call'd Lilly Narciss. We have had several sorts of them from abroad, which for the most part do well in common Borders under South Walls: They are encreased from Offsets, which may be separated from the Roots at any Time, when they have neither Leaves nor Flowers; of this sort is the Bella Donna from Portugal, or Damascus Lilly, which besides its beautiful Flower, is very sweet scented; and the Guernsey Lilly is also another sort of it, which, in my Opinion, excels all other Flowers for Beauty, and delights in a dry light Soil mix'd with Sea Sand.

From The Compleat Florist (1747)