Botanist's Repository
Amaryllis Brasiliensis (1804)
vol 5, p 358. Pl. CCCLVII
Henry Andrews

This fine Lily, from the Brazils, can scarcely be thought more than a variety of A. Reginae; to which plant, both this, and the A. equestris of Mr. Curtis, may be referred without much flexion of the original species. We have, however, preserved the title under which it has been known since its introduction; which was, in the year 1798, by the late Marchioness of Bute, from Spain. Our drawing was taken from a plant in the collection of J. Vere, Esq. Kensington Gore, in the month of October, 1803. It has all the merits of the most easily cultivated species in the genus; increasing freely by bulb, growing with luxuriance in almost any earth, and requiring but little heat to make it flower.