The Gardeners' Monthly and Horticulturist 28(334): 296 (Oct 1886)
6. A. Defiance.—An evergreen hybrid and one of the finest in cultivation. Has large carmine-red flowers with bars of white running through the centre of each petal, and the whole flower lined and penciled with white; large, very fine formed flowers.

The American Garden 9(7): 274 (July 1888)
Amaryllis Defiance is wonderfully fine. I have now one with six expanded blooms and two buds; they are very large, heavily marked with crimson on a white ground.

The Peterson Magazine, Volume 101(6): 504 (June 1892)
Amaryllis defiance is a very sturdy grower, and, with fair treatment, it will never fail to bloom. It is also remarkable for its continuous blooming qualities, as it flowers repeatedly during its growing season. The flowers are very large, of a bright carmine-red; each petal is lined with a stripe of white, and the whole petal is flecked or marbled with white. The flowers are of very strong texture, and will last a long time when out and placed in water.

Peter Henderson & Co. catalog (1897)
Amaryllis Defiance, large flowers of velvety red, striped and speckled white, free floomer.

Mrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd's catalog (1897)
Defiance. A magnificent variety with rich, broad foliage, shaded red. The flower stems are tall and bear from 6 to 8 splendid, large crimson flowers, heavily lined with white and maroon. Deliciously fragrant. This is one of the handsomest and most satisfactory of all Amaryllis. It blooms at intervals during the year, grows fast, and is easily cultivated.

Bulbs and Tuberous-Rooted Plants (1912)
Charles Allen
Defiance.—A remarkable hybrid form; a strong grower and continuous bloomer, flowering repeatedly during the season. Flowers bright carmine, a vein of white running through each petal; very large and form; one of the most valuable for floral decorations.