Fortunes in Formulas (1949)
Maréchal Niel Perfume

Maréchal Niel Rose - In the genus of roses, outside of the hundred-leaved or cabbage rose, the Maréchal Niel rose (Rosa Noisetteana Red.), also called Noisette rose and often, erroneously, tea rose, is especially conspicuous. Its fine, piquant odor delights all lovers of precious perfume essence. In order to reproduce the fine scent of this flower artificially at periods when it cannot be had without much expenditure, the following recipes will be found useful:

Maréchal Niel Perfume I
Infusion rose I (from pomades) 1000 parts
Genuine rose oil 10 parts
Infusion Tolu balsam 150 parts
Infusion genuine musk I 40 parts
Neroli oil 30 parts
Clove oil 2 parts
Infusion tuberose I (from pomades) 1000 parts
Vanillin 1 part
Coumarin 0.5 part
Maréchal Niel Perfume II
Triple rose essence 50 grams
Simple rose essence 60 grams
Neroli essence 30 grams
Civet essence 20 grams
Iris essence 30 grams
Tonka beans essence 20 grams
Rose oil 5 drops
Jasmine essence 60 grams
Cassia essence 50 grams
Vanilla essence 45 grams
Clove oil 20 drops
Bergamot oil 10 drops
Rose geranium oil 20 drops