Winter Flowering Roses

These are varieties that tend to be once-bloomers in the temperate zone, but which will bloom more-or-less continuously during the winter under suitable conditions.

American Rose Annual 45:15-18 (1960)
Breeding Miniatures in San Remo
Quinto Mansuino San Remo, Italy

I had more interesting results from the cross R. chinensis minima (Tom Thumb var.) x R. banksiae lutescens and its reciprocal. The series of hybrids obtained varies from the dwarf ones of about eight inches to the big climbing ones; some thornless, all having good ornamental foliage. The blooms are white, in corymb, long lasting and very decorative.

A climbing plant which seemed to have no everblooming habit has now improved giving a profusion of sweetly scented double flowers which, from December till July, form a candid cascade. During the August-November period the luxuriant glossy foliage compensate for the lack of flowers.

Floral Life: Devoted to the Flower Garden and the Home, 1: 26-27 (Feb 16, 1903)
Hybrid Perpetual Roses
Georgia Torrey Drennan

Undoubtedly the most popular rose of the class has been Gen. Jacqueminot. The color of this rose is unrivaled, and had it really claims to ever-blooming qualities its popularity would be unbounded. Unfortunately, it blooms only in spring, with now and then a few fall flowers. There is, though, one claim to favoritism that compensates for the lack of ever-blooming, and that is its capacity for winter blooming. Jacqueminot forces as readily as an Easter Lily. The florists manipulate it with great freedom, in the greenhouse, and striking indeed are the velvety, rich red Jacqueminot buds in contrast to wintry surroundings of snow, ice, and bare and leafless trees.

Everblooming Roses for the Out-door Garden of the Amateur pp. 39-54 (1912)
Georgia Torrey Drennan

General Jacqueminot, among famous roses of the world, was the most distinct and celebrated member of this family until the appearance of the American Beauty. Charitably granted the weakness of blooming but once a year, paradoxical yet true, both General Jacqueminot and American Beauty must be accorded high place among everbloomers. They simply reverse the season. Their bloom time is winter. Florists find them as constant during the winter months as the Teas during the summer. They supply the cut roses of winter under the heaviest demands of society. Under glass, they make the winter garden brilliant.

Belle Portugaise

A glorious climbing rose with a prolonged season of bloom. I saw it blooming intermittently from October thru April in Belmont, CA.

Bengale d'Automne

Buds tend to fall off in spring/summer, blooms fully in autumn.

Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener and Country Gentlemen, 27: 96 (July 20, 1874)
Rose Hedges in the South of France
M. André

Rosa indica major is almost naturalised throughout the whole of this region. It possesses the additional claim to favour of flowering nearly all the winter, forming beautiful hedges of dark green shining foliage, from which thousands of clusters of lovely flowers rise, of a tender delicate transparent pink, or almost pure white, with a brighter tinge in the centre and at the tips of the petals.