American Rose Magazine 3(5): 86 (September-October 1939)
How Remontant Climbers Act
Mrs. Thomas Howell Scott, Atlanta, Ga.
(née Doris Doolittle)

I have been watching my Climbers this season to see from what part of the bloom lateral the second, third, and fourth blooms come.

Comtesse Vandal (climber) had 60 beautiful blooms during the first two weeks of May. By the middle of June it repeated with 21 or more. Most of these second-bloom laterals came from the original flower-head cluster (if the first flowers grew in cluster of two or three), or from the first eye below the bloom.

Countess of Stradbroke was a beautiful sight in May, specimen blooms on long lateral stems the entire length of the canes. This also repeated in June. The bloom laterals in this variety came from the third or fourth eyes of the original lateral.

Daydream has had a bountiful second crop, all new bloom laterals starting from the old cluster where I was careful to remove hips only, not more than an inch of stem.

Kitty Kininmonth repeated with new laterals.

Mermaid hasn't been without bloom yet; it is an immense "unpruned, rambling shrub" with 12-foot canes. New flowers and new laterals come from the old clusters. I couldn't clean up even the old hips if I wanted to.

Cl. Etoile de Hollande and New Dawn also repeat from the first cluster, Etoile spasmodically, New Dawn constantly (last year).

Good old Cl. Sunburst has always repeated every month. It is now ten years old and seems to be losing "pep.'' The few repeats are on new laterals from the second or third eye from the large cane.

Let's check our Climbers so we will know where and when to cut flowers with stems!

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