Veilchenblau (Hybrid Multiflora) [Crimson Rambler seedling]

Everybody's Magazine 24: 746-757 (1911)
The Quest of the Perfect Rose
Franklin Clarkin

"Veilchenblau," wrote Herr Schmidt, "is a direct seedling of the 'Crimson Rambler,' not cultivated by fructification with another kind. By culture of several years, the new kind has rested constant. There have been no dosings with chemicals. The flowers appear in large umbels, are semi-double, and of medium size; when opening, partly reddish lilac; partly rose lilac, changing to amethyst, and, when fading, steel-blue; the general impression is that of the March violet. The color changes according to the place and soil. It has a substantial growth, pleasant tea scent, bright green foliage, and few but sharp thorns; up to the present it never has been attacked by mildew, and is one of the hardiest climbers. Trials of crossing with sorts apt for this purpose will be made; and probably we shall soon be able to greet the much-longed-for cornflower-blue rose."

Journal of Genetics, 32: 127 (1936) 
A Biochemical Survey of Factors for Flower Colour
Rose Scott-Montcrieff
Complex anthocyanins occur more often in nature than might be supposed from the results of isolation and identification.  ... The most interesting case recorded is that of the rose "Veilchenblau", which appeared to develop less blue-red flowers in the very dry 1934 season than normally. The bluer petals were separated and found to contain complex as well as normal 3-5-dimonoside, while the redder petals contained less of the complex pigment.

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