Sunburst (HT) [Mme Mélanie Soupert x Le Progrès]

The Garden: An Illustrated Weekly Journal of Gardening (Nov 23, 1912)
PLATE 1459

This variety is one of the latest of a whole series of beautiful yellow Roses which have come into commerce recently. Until a few years ago good yellow Hybrid Teas were not in existence, but during the last decade hybridists have produced them in abundance. In Sunburst we have an excellent Rose, as it has perfume, lovely form, long lasting qualities, and above all, from a commercial point of view, excellent habit. A curious point about this Rose is that the second crop of blooms, as well as those produced from lateral shoots, come of a rich cadmium yellow, passing to yellow orange in the centre and without the white shading. It is very free-flowering and perpetual, and has already created quite a sensation in the commercial growing centres of America. Under glass it is a wonderful success as an autumn Rose, and I was recently informed by a commercial florist, who has some thousands in pots and planted out, that the demands, both of the home market and Paris, far exceeded the supply. Out of doors I should term it a glorified Mrs. Aaron Ward. The flowers for the coloured plate were supplied by Messrs. Stuart Low and Co. of Bush Hill Park. DANECROFT.

American Rose Annual, 1907

Commercial rose culture, under glass and outdoors By Eber Holmes, 1919