Schoener's Nutkana (Hybrid Nutkana) [R. nutkana x Paul Neyron]

March 16, 2007 (SJH)

American Rose Magazine 3(3): 42-43 (May-June, 1939)

Hybrid Nutkana. Just recently much has been done with R. nutkana, a hardy species of the upper Rockies much like our R. virginiana. Its first hybrid was Schoener's Nutkana (1930), being the species X Paul Neyron (HP.), with large, single pink flowers. This already has three second-generation crosses, and one third generation, made by the late Dr. Nicolas:

Leonard Barron. Souv. de Mme. Boullet (HT.) X Schoener's Nutkana.

Polar Bear. Schoener's Nutkana X New Century (HRug.).

Shenandoah. Etoile de Hollande (HT). X Schoener's Nutkana. Climbing.

Mrs. Francis King. Lady Lilford (HT.) X Leonard Barron (HN.).

These are very robust plants with HT. flowers. Whether they are hardier or more disease resistant than the usual HT. there is as yet no convincing data.