Sappho (Tea) []

Jour. of Horticulture and Cottage Gardener, May 21, 1891
To Messrs. W. Paul & Son, Waltham Cross, we are indebted for numbers of beautiful Roses which have taken a high place both for garden culture and exhibition. Additions also are constantly being made of sterling novelties, for every care is exercised in testing their merits before submitting them to a critical public. The variety Sappho, of which we are enabled to give an illustration this week (fig. 73), is one of these, and has already had its character confirmed by the Royal Horticultural Society and the Royal Botanic Society, as two first-class certificates have been awarded for it. The blooms are of good form and substance, very pleasing in the bud stage, when the colour is a rosy fawn or buff, becoming more yellow as they expand. The plant is vigorous, and has been found to be hardy, while it flowers as freely as could be wished by the most ardent Rose lover. It is, in fact, a good and useful variety.