Wichuraiana Rubra (Hybrid Wichuriana) [R. wichuraiana x Crimson Rambler]

Revue Horticole vol. 73, (facing p. 20) 1901

American Gardening 22(317): 39-40 (Jan 19, 1901)
A Red Wichuraiana Rose

THIS beautiful and surprisingly fioriferous Rose, obtained by M.M. Barbier fréres, Orleans (France), from seeds of R. wichuraiana X Crimson Rambler, will be sent out by them this year, and is thus written about in “Revue Horticole" by Ed. Andre:

Several plants have been obtained from this cross, bearing flowers more or less red in color; one only was double, and of a pale rose; this, however, did not appear to flower freely. Seeds gathered from R. wichuraiana rubra, without artificial fertilization, have reproduced the variety almost identically. Amongst seventy plants, not one reverted to the type of either parent, not even so far as the foliage is concerned; their flowers were all of various shades of red, not one having produced white blossoms. The time of flowering of these seedlings, including R. wichuraiana rubra, is the same as that of Crimson Rambler—rather sooner than the R. wichuraiana type. I described them about the middle of June, and their flowering season lasted until the end of the month. This beautiful novelty will be particularly useful for covering trellises, arbors, or other positions that lend themselves to the use of climbing Roses. But it is above all suited for clothing isolated rocks upon slopes. We have already obtained surprising results in this way with Crimson Rambler, and it is a practice that might be continued and varied indefinitely with advantage to our parks and gardens. We have already Rosa rugosa and hybrids; the new introduction of Messrs. Barbier; the obtainments of Mr. Manda, United States; the R. rubiginosa hybrids, named after Lord Penzance; all these have enriched our gardens and furnished them with valuable summer decorative plants. It only remains now to obtain the Rambler with yellow flowers—which has just been announced—and above all to make these plants perpetual flowering. We have already seen flowering shoots of Crimson Rambler in December, and the time would not appear to be distant when we shall have these splendid crimson bouquets almost all the year.