Rosa wichuraiana poteriifolia (Species) A dwarf version of Rosa wichuraiana.

Dec 13, 2002 - SJH

Dec 13, 2002 - SJH

Organic Gardening 34: 7 (1987)

Washington, D.C. — Rosa Wichuraiana poteriifolia, a rare variety of Rosa Wichuraiana grown in the National Herb Garden, will soon be available in nursery catalogs for the first time since its discovery on a Japanese beach in 1956, reports The Avant Gardener.

R. W. poteriifolia forms a low-growing mat so dense that weeds can't penetrate it. It also resists drought, suffers few insect or disease problems, and bears showy white roses in summer.

Enumeratio Plantarum in Japonia Sponte Crescentium (vol 2, p. 344-345) 1879
by Adrien Franchet, Lutovic Savatier

Rosa Luciae

var. Poteriifolia.—Circa Yokoska sat frequens et in monte Fudsi Yama, ad pedem. [Frequent enough around Yokoska, and on Mount Fujiyama to the foot.]

Folia obtusa, late ovata vel exacte orbiculata, saepe usque 4 jugata; stipulae ut in var. β. (Fimbriata: stipulae dentato glandulosae, subfimbriatae.); flores solitarii, rarius racemosa; pedicelli glabri; fructus ovati vel subglobosi, 5-7 mill. diam., atropurpurei. — Folia, terminali excepto, raro 15 mill. superant et saepe minora evadunt.