Rosa webbiana (species)

Illustrations of the Botany and other branches of the Natural History of the Himalayan Mountains, and of the Flora of Cashmere. vol. 2, Tab 42 (1839).

vol. 1, p. 208

(Left) Rosa sericea; (Lindley) floribus tetrapetalis.—Lindley, Ros. 105. DC. Prod. . p. 613. Wall. Cat. 695. Ic. ined. n. 973.—Rosa tetrapetala. Royle. p. 23.—Tab. 42. fig. 1.
(a.) Corolla seen from below;(b.) ripe fruit;(c.) with the upper part of calyx removed;(d.) a seed;(e.) the same cut transversely;(f.) embryo.

(Right) Rosa Webbiana; (Wall.) aculeis rectis pugioniformibus inaequalibus confertis, setis nullis, foliolis basi cuneatis simpliciter serratis, calycis tubo oblongo, sepalis pedunculisque glanduloso-scabris. Wall. Cat. Herb. Ind. n. 682.

Hab. This species was found at Lippa, in Kunawur, and on the Kherung Pass, by Mr. Inglis. It was originally sent to Dr. Wallich by Captain Webb, from Kemaon. It approaches Rosa spinosissima, but differs in the want of setae, and in a tendency to convert the upper leaves into true bractes; also in the dark colour of its stem contrasting so strongly with the white thorns.