ROSA spinosissima luteola (Species) Pale yellow-flowered thorny Rose.

Andrews: Roses (1828) t. 128

ROSE with round seed-buds, smooth: peduncles slightly hispid: flowers single, of a pale yellow colour: leaves spreading: leaflets ovate, pointed, ribbed, and, notched: stem and petioles very prickly.

OUR drawing of this new species of Scotch Rose was taken last summer (1821) at the nursery of Mr. Knight, where it flowered early in July, and again in autumn; ripening the fruit of those that flowered first, whilst the autumnal flowers were blooming. It is said to be indigenous to Scotland, and to blossom there more freely than with us. At present it is of a very pale yellow colour, which careful cultivation might improve. It would then be more estimable, as yellow is a colour rarely to be found amongst the roses.