Rosa lucida alba / virginiana alba (Species) [Sport of R. lucida]

The American Florist 12(471): 1098 (June 12, 1897)

Rosa lucida is the well-known dwarf wild rose. The rare and beautiful white form, the flower of which we now illustrate, was found more than thirty years ago at Cherryfield, Me. There was but a single plant, which the finder transferred to his garden in the vicinity, where it grew vigorously and from which it was more or less disseminated in the immediate neighborhood. As far as known the only plants in existence are one at Miss Ellen Holway's, Machias, Me., three at W. H. Cowing's, West Roxbury, Mass., and a batch of little cuttings and grafts in the possession of Jackson Dawson at the Arnold Arboretum, Boston.