Rosa macrophylla var. Korolkowii (Species selection) Tetraploid form of R. macrophylla.

Rosa macrophylla Lindl. Botanische wandplaten, p. xxx () [J. Vuijk]

Rosa macrophylla on left, var. Korolkowii on right

Gardeners’ Chronicle ser. 3, 60: 27 (July 14, 1916)

R. macrophylla var. Korolkowii (fig. 11) also flowers towards the end of May, and is interesting both in flower and foliage. The flowers are of a very pleasing shade of soft pink, and if allowed it will grow into a large bush, but it will bear judicious pruning, and this will be desirable except in cases where ample space is at the disposal of the gardener.

Gardeners’ Chronicle (1940) p. 160
Rosa macrophylla var. Korolkowii. — Korolkow’s variety of the beautiful Himalayan Rosa macrophylla was discovered in gardens at Khiva, in Russian Turkestan, and regarded by Regel as a variety of Rosa cinnamomea. It was illustrated in The Gardeners’ Chronicle of 1916 and referred to in several publications, but, curiously enough, finds no place in The Genus Rosa and other important works. The flowers of R. macrophylla var. Korolkowii are comparatively large — two-and-a-half inches wide — and pink, while the large, vermilion fruits are an added attraction. Of rather upright habit, R. macrophylla var. Korolkowii attains a height of ten feet or more and is almost thornless. In the Journal of the R.H.S. for August last, Mr. B. O. Mulligan describes this Rose and states that a large specimen occurs in the National Rose Society's collection at Haywards Heath, while other specimens may be seen at Kew and in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens.

Gardeners' Chronicle 94: 45 (1933)
The several forms of Rosa macrophylla, for instance, are exceedingly attractive when in bloom, and when we visited Haywards Heath a few weeks ago they were at the height of their beauty. The variety Korolkowii has strong, erect, practically spineless growths, furnished with attractive glaucous-grey foliage and bearing large, deep rose flowers with paler centres, and there is a double-flowered, deep flesh-pink coloured variety labelled A. Rousel. In R. m. var. crasse aculeata the growths, which are reddish when young, are heavily furnished with large spines, and the clusters of deep apple-blossom-pink flowers have rounded, overlapping petals.

Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society 27: 482-492 (1902/3)
Maurice L. de Vilmorin, F.R.H.S.
In the collections of M. Alphonse Lavallée, under the name of Rosa Korolkowi, I found a still taller variety [of macrophylla], with large, round, straight, almost thornless shoots, and an ample glossy foliage nearly as large as is found in the Tea-scented Roses. The flower is comparatively large, but the shade is of a lighter pink. The fruit is very large, sometimes two inches long. The variety is well worth cultivation.