R. indica purpurea Andrews

Roses; Or, A Monograph of the Genus Rosa - Volume 2 (1828)
Henry Charles Andrews

The purple variety is said to have been first imported from China about the year 1810, to the gardens of Lord Milford, under the appellation of the Blue Rose; and as such many of them were sold at a guinea each, although the plant had not then flowered: such is the fascinating force of novelty, which even in embryo has the power to charm. This rose of expectation, when its blooms unfolded, no heavenly blue disclosed, but a red purple, which as it faded off became much paler, less brilliant, but of a bluer or colder purple, which gives to the fresh opened blossoms a very different appearance contrasted with those retiring; and although the blue's celestial tint is wanting, it is nevertheless a graceful and very abundant flowering Rose. Our figure was made from plants in the nursery of Messrs. Colville.

[Compare with Moore's 'Mr. Bluebird'.]