Rose de Resht (Portland) Miss Nancy Lindsay claimed to have brought it back from Iran: "N.L. 849. Happened on it in an old Persian garden in ancient Resht, tribute of the tea caravans plodding Persia-wards from China over the Central Asian steppes; it is a sturdy, yard high bush of glazed lizard-green, perpetually emblazoned with full camellia flowers of pigeon's blood ruby, irised with royal-purple, haloed with dragon sepals like the painted blooms on oriental faience." Cruel sceptics have suggested she found it in a garden in France.

This is not the original gul e reschti or "flower of Rescht", a form of Musk rose described by Dr. Christ (1887) and Boissier (1888). Miss Lindsay found this rose — possibly in France — and gave it a fanciful name to match her fanciful description. Whatever it's proper name, this is a beauty. It is often well-formed, fragrant and reliably reblooming. The true gul e reshti or Nastarana had small red double flowers borne singly from the leaf axils of the current season's growth.

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