Puritan (HT) [Mabel Morrison and Devoniensis]

Vick’s Magazine (1888) plate facing p. 161, text p. 163
A colored plate is presented this month of one of the finest among the newer varieties of Hybrid Perpetuals. Puritan is an English variety, originated by Mr. BENNETT, and has already been proved in this country to be reliable and valuable. It is a result of a cross between Mabel Morrison and Devoniensis. It is a robust grower, and carries the foliage right up under the flower, is very fragrant, the perfume having been compared to that of the Magnolia; the buds in opening are yellowish, changing to pure white as they expand; it is one of the most abundant bloomers. The specimen from which the plate was made was taken from a young plant and does not represent the flower of full size, it is much larger than there shown, but in regard to its peculiar graceful form and curve of petals it is well represented. It has proved to be a fine variety for forcing. The hardiness of the plant has not been fully tested. It is claimed that it is hardy at the north without protection, but this is improbable. Its origin indicates that it will probably require about the same protection as La France.