Ophirée / Ophirie / Ophyrie (Noisette) [] Copper yellow

Maund: Botanic Garden, volume 12

Regarding the florists' name, Ophirée, given by its continental sponsors to distinguish this newly-introduced variety, we offer no opinion. Under this name we received it from Mr. Rivers's collection of French novelties.

It is one of the most singularly tinted Roses we have met with; in its mingled pink and yellow, the former colour has been left on its outer petals, its central portion assumes a deep buff; whilst a salmon-like tint is allotted to some of the interjacent parts. It is one of those oddities that old Rose-lovers never dreamt of possessing. The habit of the plant evidently betrays its descent from some of the climbers, although it would be difficult to connect it with any one in particular. Its flowers are moderately well filled, and it will, doubtless, be prized for the production of them through the latter part of the summer. Our plant continued flowering even till frost destroyed the opening buds in November; and against a wall its flowers may, in most seasons, be protected and kept in perfection till Christmas, or even longer.

Paul Hariot: Le Livre d'or des Roses (1903)