Nur Mahal (Hybrid Musk) [Château de Clos Vougeot x seedling] The deepest colored Hybrid Musk, but less scented than most. (SJH)

July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009

Mar 13, 2005

The Peacock Throne: The Drama of Mogul India (1986)
Waldemar Hansen

Two of Itimad's children shared his political prominence. His crafty son, Asaf Khan, was the father of Mumtaz Mahal, and would himself become prime minister under Shah Jahan. Itimad's daughter, the intriguing Nur Mahal, had recently risen to first lady of the realm by marrying Jahangir. This formidable Persian triumvirate would literally dominate court politics for a decade to come.

In modern blunt idiom, Nur Mahal might be labeled a scheming bitch; but she was a highly clever and fascinating bitch. Basking in her new title of Nur Jahan ("Light of the World"), she had slowly but steadily begun to widen her sphere of influence. Father and brother would soon witness her ascendance; before long she would become nothing less than virtual ruler of Mogul India, with coins minted in her name and imperial orders bearing her signature. She would hypnotize the infatuated Jahangir, and rock him to sleep like a baby after his drunken orgies and opium bouts. At this particular moment, the empress unquestionably had her eye on Shah Jahan as the most ambitious and likely to succeed of Jahangir's sons (there were now five). She could hardly resist showing her initial power before entrusting a niece to this enterprising stepson. One month before the wedding, Nur Jahan wangled Shah Jahan a promotion in rank: he was now commander of thousands of cavalry.

CybeRose note: This is a far different image of Nur Mahal than I previously had of a pampered queen enjoying a quiet afternoon on her barge floating in a lake of rose water.