Miss Edith Cavell (Polyantha) This darker sport of 'Orléans Rose' has been an important parent, and appears in the family trees of many other important roses, including 'Baby Château', 'Iceberg', 'Tropicana', 'Graham Thomas', 'Robin Hood' and 'Independence', to name just a few.

Macoboy: The Ultimate Rose Book (1993)
"Launched by Gerrit de Ruiter in 1917 as a memorial to England's martyr nurse executed by the Germans, its little flowers are dark, velvety red. It was regarded as much the best red rose in the Polyantha class. Foliage is a dull dark green. Such are the vagaries of fashion that it proved almost impossible, a few years ago, to locate plants to grow on the lady's grave. It was a sport from 'Orléans Rose', and de Ruiter created speed records in propagating it: eighteen months after its discovery, he had grown 80,000 plants!"

Gerrit de Ruiter (1955) reported the story a bit differently:
"It was August 1914, when cutting budwood as a youth, I found a pretty red flowering shoot amongst a lot of pink polyantha roses, var. Orleans Rose. This I thought a great deviation of colour. Off this shoot a year later I had grown four bushes. This was the start of my first novelty, the polyantha rose Miss Edith Cavell."

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