Mrs. Francis King (HT) [Lady Lilford x Leonard Barron] Cream with yellow undertones.

'Lady Liliford' was a yellow sport of the Pernetiana 'Independence Day'.

Application for PP253

From Nicolas' Patent application #253:

This invention relates to a new and distinct variety of rose plant the result of a definite effort to perpetuate a new hardy strain, originated by me, with large flowers, great floribundity and vigorous constitution.

Of this new strain referred to, the variety Leonard Barron was first to be disseminated, this being the first ever-blooming garden rose evolved from R. Nutkana of Alaska. Its genealogy is (R. Nutkana X Paul Neyron) X Souvenir de Mme. Boullet, a yellow hybrid tea, but due to the fact that it is nearly sterile as a female, it was not used as the seed bearer for the origination of the present variety. However, I found that the pollen of Leonard Barron is very potent and capable of reproducing its plant characters which I desired to breed into the new rose.

Therefore, the present invention was produced by crossing Leonard Barron as pollen parent with Lady Lilford, a yellow sport of the Pernetiana Independence Day, noted for its floriferousness and its good seed bearing characteristics.

As the objective result of this cross, I have produced a new type of white rose, having the characteristics first above given as to size and floriferousness and vigor. From tests made under various climatic conditions in different parts of the country, this new rose is susceptible of being used in a much larger climatic range than any rose of the hybrid tea class, its performance being uniform in the north as well as in the south.

The new rose has been reproduced by budding and has always come true to type.