Mme Désirée Giraud (HP) [Sport or seedling of Baronne Prévost]

Floricultural Cabinet January, 1854

"This charming variety is a seedling which sprung up near to a plant of the Baronne Prevost Rose, in the garden of Madame L. G. D. Haussy, of Marley, near Versailles, in France. It is an "Hybrid Perpetual," and a very free bloomer. The flowers are regularly "and very distinctly striped, some with crimson, others with amaranth, and the remainder with slate colour, but the individual blossom has stripes only of one colour; so that one blossom had crimson stripes, a second has amaranth stripes, and a third has stripes of a slate colour. This very singular distinction of the flowers renders it peculiarly beautiful."

The flowers shown below may be reversions, or some other variety.

July 19, 2008 (SJH)

July 19, 2008