Miss Canada (HT) [Karl Herbst x Peace]

Canadian Rose Annual pp. 35-36 (1965)

In 1955 Mr. Blakeney acquired 'Karl Herbst' and was much impressed with its plant and foliage characteristics. Its parentage, 'Independence' x 'Peace' seemed to him to be a promising combination and he decided on 'Karl Herbst' as one parent and gave a lot of thought to choosing a pollen parent. He wanted vigour, disease resistance and glossy leaves. 'Peace' has all these qualities, but is one of the parents of 'Karl Herbst'. Most roses, when closely inbred, give less vigour in their progeny, but 'Peace' being a very vigorous rose, he reasoned that a slight loss of vigour should not be a serious handicap and so he crossed 'Karl Herbst' with 'Peace' in 1957. The seedling that is now 'Miss Canada' came from this cross and germinated February 10th, 1958. Its first blooms passed unrecorded because, in all probability, it did not show much promise.