Indica Rubra (China) []

Andrews: Roses, vol. 2 (1828)

THE Indica rubra is regarded as the finest of the ever-blooming China Roses. By some it is thought to be a distinct species, from the dark colour and smaller size of its foliage: but this is most likely the effect of its recent importation; and, when it becomes more familiarised to our climate, may in part if not totally disappear. As a variety of the Indica we think it may with propriety be considered, from the flowers being sometimes found as pale as that species: a circumstance that has not as yet occurred in the semperflorens already figured, although it has been so many years in cultivation with us; and which would doubtless have sometimes been the case, had it not been a distinct species, as permanence of character, either in shape or colour, can never be expected to characterize mere varieties.

It was introduced last summer from China by T. Evans, esq. of Stepney, and flowered first at the nursery of Messrs. Colville.

CybeRose note: The shifting color is reminiscent of 'Gloire des Rosomanes'.