Gloire Lyonnaise (HP) [Baroness Rothschild x Mme. Falcot]

The Garden 45: 177 (March 3, 1894)
William Robinson
"This Rose resulted from crossing Mme. Falcot and Baroness Rothschild to the third generation. These also are short growers, but Gloire Lyonnaise almost equals Margaret Dickson as regards length of wood."

The Garden (London) 51: 255 (April 10, 1897)
"Gloire Lyonnaise was another difficult Rose to place, notwithstanding M. Guillot stated it to be a cross between Baroness Rothschild and Mme. Falcot, although the progeny of the first and second crossings had to be crossed again before securing this 'yellow Hybrid Perpetual,' as it was then called."

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