Knight's Animating / Bengale Animée (China) Adorable little China with nicely formed flowers. The plant is about the size of the crimson Chinas. There were two varieties that were confused under the same name in the 19th century. This may be one of them. The other one, also called the "Blue Rose", was suspiciously similar to Mr. Bluebird.

Sept 14, 2003 - SJH

Sept 14, 2003 - SJH

H. C. Andrews: Roses; or, A monograph on the Genus Rosa, vol 2: 65-66 (1828)
The purple variety is said to have been first imported from China about the year 1810, to the gardens of Lord Milford, under the appellation of the Blue Rose; and as such many of them were sold at a guinea each, although the plant had not then flowered: such is the fascinating force of novelty, which even in embryo has the power to charm. This rose of expectation, when its blooms unfolded, no heavenly blue disclosed, but a red purple, which as it faded off became much paler, less brilliant, but of a bluer or colder purple, which gives to the fresh opened blossoms a very different appearance contrasted with those retiring; and although the blue’s celestial tint is wanting, it is nevertheless a graceful and very abundant flowering Rose. Our figure was made from plants in the nursery of Messrs. Colville.
[Andrews' picture of Rosa indica purpurea agrees with Rivers' and Trattinnick's descriptions, but not with the others. Compare with Mr. Bluebird.]

Animating (China) / Bengale Animée

François Cels: Catalogue des arbres, arbustes, et autre plantes de serre chaude, etc. (1817) p. 33
ROSA bengal anenating

Journal of a Horticultural Tour Through Some Parts of Flanders, Holland and the North of France in the Autumn of 1817. - Page 453 (1823)
Patrick Neill
We could not help remarking, that many of M. Boursault's rarest and finest plants had been imported from the English capital. The red sweet-scented China-rose (or Knight's animated, which is distinct from the blush sweet-scented), was still covered with flowers.

Rosacearum monographia, Volume 1 (1823) p. 55
By Leopold Trattinnick
dichotoma: pedunculi dichotomy. Vulgo: R. Animating, Bengale animée, Bengale dichotome. An hujus loci R. ind. Purpurea Andr. Ros. Fasc. 29. Anglis vulgo: Blue Rose?

A short treatise on horticulture: embracing descriptions of a ... - Page 146 (1828)
William Prince
Knight's Animating is another very sweet scented variety.

American Flower-garden Directory: Containing Practical Directions ... - Page 182 (1832)
Hibbert & Buist (Philadelphia, Pa.), Robert Buist
No. 2. *Rose Animated, daily, is a very fine rose, and its merits are appreciated by those who have it in their collections. It is more double, and better formed than No. 1 [Rosa indica, common China or daily], and partakes of the fragrance of No. 8 [Rosa odorata], is perfectly hardy, colour a fine blush, grows freely, and flowers abundantly; and is coming into great repute.
*Those marked thus * we have grown from seed.

Floricultural Cabinet 3: 270 (Dec 1835) 305
T. Rivers Jr.: China roses
Animating - purplish red - cupped and small