Hurst's Septet Scheme

Hurst: Septet Formulae

Hurst: Septet TraitsHurst: Septet Traits in Columns

Septets and Styles

Hurst: Origin of the Moss Rose (1921)

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Hurst: The Mechanism of Heredity and Evolution (1927)

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Hurst: Differential Polyploidy (1928)

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Yokoya, et al. Nuclear DNA Amounts in Roses (2000)
In the Pimpinellifoliae, DNA amounts of tetraploids were disproportionately larger than those of diploids which suggests that they originated as hybrids with species of sections with larger DNA amounts. [CybeRose: i.e., differential polyploidy.]


Macfarlane: Microscopic Analysis of Hybrids (1890)

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Comparison of Rosa sayi Schwein. and Carman's hybrid
of 'Harison's Yellow' and R. rugosa. (1890)

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