Hurst's Septet Scheme

Hurst: Septet Formulae

Hurst: Septet TraitsHurst: Septet Traits in Columns

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Hurst: Chromosomes and Characters (1925)

Hurst: The Conception of a Species (1927)

Hurst: The Mechanism of Heredity and Evolution (1927)

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Hurst: Genetics of the Rose (1928)

Hurst: Differential Polyploidy (1928)

Hurst: Embryo-sac Formation (1931)

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Macfarlane: Flowering Period and Vigor of Hybrids (1891)

Macfarlane: Minute Structure of Plant Hybrids (1892)

Hurst: Partial Prepotance in Paphiopedilum (1900)

Comparison of Rosa sayi Schwein. and Carman's hybrid
of 'Harison's Yellow' and R. rugosa. (1890)

Logan: Origin of the Logan berry (1902)

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