18th Century Roses (and earlier)

George Ehret 1740s

Striped Monthly Rose

Rosa Provincialis spinosissima
peduncule muscoso

Common Provence Rose

Royal Virgin Rose
(Rosa pendulina, R. alpina)

Robert Furber 1730

White Monthly Rose

Moss province Rose

Rosa Mundi

White Rose

Dutch Hundred Leav'd Rose

Maiden's Blush Rose

Blush Belgick Rose

Catalogus Plantarum 1730

Double Velvet Rose

Moss province Rose

Double Yellow Rose

Austrian Rose

Red Provence Rose

"A Byzantine", 512

Dioscorides' Rhodon
Clusius, 1557
Le Rosier
Jacques Le Moyne, 1586

Muske Rose
Rosa Rubrum
Damask 1
Damask 2
Rose 1
Rose 2
Joachim Camerarius, c1597

Rosa cinericeo flore
Aschenfarbig Rosen
Hortus Eystettensis 1613

Rosa Damascena flore pleno
Crispijn van de Passe 1615

Rosa Moschata or Damask Rose
Tabernaemontanus 1625

Eleven Roses
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John Parkinson 1629

Sir Francis Bacon 1635

Delaying Roses
John Gerard 1636

Province or Damask Rose
(after Clusius, 1601)

Sir Thomas Hanmer 1659

Of Roses
Nicolas Robert c1660

Rosa Provincialis
John Rea 1665


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Pierre Redouté 1820

Rosa canina borboniana

Rosa damascena Italica

Rosa damascena bifera alba