19th Century Roses (and earlier)

Miscellaneous Rose Lists

Parks' (Ochroleuca) vs. Knight's (Flavescens)

Sulphurea Superba and Yellow/Flavescens

Yellow China "Debate"

Pierre Redouté 1820 George Ehret 1740s Robert Furber 1730 Catalogus Plantarum 1730 Nicolas Robert c1660
Rosa Provincialis

John Gerard 1636
Province or Damask Rose
(after Clusius, 1601)

Sir Francis Bacon 1635
Delaying Roses

Tabernaemontanus 1625
Eleven Roses
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Crispijn van de Passe 1615
Rosa Moschata or Damask Rose

Hortus Eystettensis 1613
Rosa Damascena flore pleno

Joachim Camerarius, c1597
Rosa cinericeo flore
Aschenfarbig Rosen

Jacques Le Moyne, 1586
Muske Rose
Rosa Rubrum
Damask 1
Damask 2
Rose 1
Rose 2

Clusius, 1557
Le Rosier

"A Byzantine" 512
Dioscorides' Rhodon