The Horticulturist, and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste, 1(7): 309 (Jan 1847)

Wm. W. Valk, Flushing, L. I.
Dec. 1, 1846

CHINA ROSES. Rather tender. These generally give a profuse bloom until frost. The following twelve will give every satisfaction. TEA SCENTED ROSES (CHINA.) Tender. Of these there are a great many varieties named in the catalogues, not less than 112 to 120 in most of them. The amateur will find the following twenty about the best.
Aimeé Plantier Fawn color and blush. Adam Fine large rose.
Alcine Purplish-rose. Adlina Camille Superb white.
Archduke Charles Shaded rose and crimson. Barbot Fawn-colored rose.
Boisnard Sulphur, yellow centre. Bougère Glossy bronzed rose.
Comtesse de Molore Fine dark crimson. Burt Fine carmine; very sweet.
Desfontaine Pure white and handsome. Comte de Paris Pale rose.
Eugene Beauharnais Bright amaranth. Devoniensis Straw-color, buff centre.
Madame Bureau Beautiful white. Elize Sauvage Yellow, orange centre.
Milliez White, with a lemon tinge. Josephine Malton Large white, yellow centre.
Mrs. Bosanquet Flesh; resembles wax. Leonie Charmante Shaded rose; fringed petals.
Sully Pale rose and fawn shaded. Moire Cream color, rose shaded.
Tancrède Brilliant red. Nitida Fine rose, yellowish centre.
NOISETTE ROSES. Slight protection. Pactolus Lemon, bright yellow centre.
Aimée Vibert Pure white; very pretty Pellonia White, blush centre.
Boulogne Fine deep purple Pharaon. Deep carmine.
Camellia rouge Rose color Saffrano Bright fawn-colored rose.
Clara Wendel Fawn, changing to straw color Smithii Fine straw-color; a beautiful rose.
Chromatella Fine pale yellow Taglioni Splendid yellowish white.
Comtesse de Tolosan White, rose centre Triomphe de Luxembourg Large blush salmon.
Elizabeth Blush white Yellow China Pale yellow.
Jaune Déspréz Bright fawn color    
Lamarque Straw, lemon centre    
Lamarque à coeur rouge White and fawn    
Madame Jouvain Bright rose, centre buff    
Solfaterre Bright sulphur    
Vitellina White, orange centre    

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