The Floricultural Cabinet and Florist's Magazine. 2: 278-280 (Dec 1834)

"St. Patrick"

930 Aristide Small purple lilac.
931 Chloe Large fine blush pink.
932 Faustine Flesh-colour.
933 General Dubourg Beautiful large rose-colour.
934 Jeanne d'Albrez Small lively rose.
935 L'Isle de Bourbon Fine rosy crimson, semi-double.
936 Madame Desprez Large bright rose.
937 Veleda Large blush.
938 Admiral de Regini Small semi-double purple.
939 ——— du Perri Large (lark red.
940 Atropurpurea Small dark purple.
941 Barclayana Semi-double rose.
942 Beau Carmin Fine deep crimson.
943 Belle d'Amosa Beautiful crimson, curiously tinged with white.
944 ——— Amour Fine bright red.
945 —— de Monza Fine crimson and purple.
946 Belle de Plaisance Small semi-double scarlet.
947 —— Traversi Small blush white.
948 —— Villoresi Small dark red.
949 Bengallensis Pallida Very pale blush.
950 ————— Rubra Large rose.
951 Camellia Blanc Beautiful large white.
952 ———— Rouge Fine red.
953 Countess of Albemarle Fine large rosy blush, dark in the centre.
954 Cramoise Superieure Large bright crimson.
955 ———— Triomphante Large very fine crimson.
956 Duchesse de Berri Very compact red.
957 Frangrantissima à Odeur Beautiful scented large blush
958 Glorie d'Anteuil Very dark crimson.
959 Gracile Large delicate rosy pink.
960 Ignescens Small fiery red.
961 Indica Gloriosa Very large fine rose.
962 —— Minor Blush Small blush.
963 ————— Rubra Small red.
964 —— nana Small pink.
965 —— superba Fine bright rose.
966 Lawrenceana Very small pretty rose.
967 Marie Louise Fine large rose.
968 Nouvelle Pivoine Very large blush.
969 Petite Triomphe Small shining red.
970 Strombio Rubra Fine globe red.
971 Triumph of Ghent Large bright rose.
972 White Very pure.
973 Willow-leaved Semi-double bright rose.
974 Adelaide Large fine red.
975 Appollo Large red.
976 Blanda Large marbled blush.
977 Daphne Pinkish lilac.
978 Flora Semi-double dark red.
979 Guy Mannering Large light blush.
980 Ivanhoe Largo very deep blush
981 Juno Marbled red.
982 La Neige Fine pure white.
983 Painted Lady White and crimson, prettily striped.
984 Pluto Very dark red.
985 Purpurea Reddish purple.
986 Queen of May Bright carmine.
987 Sulphurea Straw-colour.
988 True Yellow Large fine sulphur-colour
989 Venus Crimson red.
990 Blush Semi-double pale blush.
991 Fringed Small compact white.
992 Nepalensis pleno alba Yellowish white.
993 ——————— rubra Light red.
994 Princess d Nassau White, with a yellowish centre.
995 Belle Felix Fine bright rosy lilac.
996 Bourbon Very large white globe.
997 Boutelaaye Fine large delicate pink.
998 Hymenee Fine white, with a yellowish centre.
999 Jaune Panachèe Fine straw-colour and delicate rose.
1000 Large crimson Large splendid crimson.
1001 La Surprise Small delicate rose.
1002 Reve du Bonheur Rosy blush, with a yellow centre.
1003 Roi de Siam Large beautiful pure white.
1004 Strombio Fine cream-colour, tinged with blush.

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