Annual catalogue of fruit and ornamental trees and plants (all of which are hardy):
cultivated at the Linnaean Botanic Garden by Wm. R. Prince & Co. (1829) pp. 63-64

Most of which are monthly, or everblooming.

The monthly varieties, when planted in the open ground, are particularly interesting, on account of expanding their flowers in March and April, when those of other kinds have not yet made their appearance. They continue to flower throughout the summer; but in the autumnal months their numerous flowers also afford particular gratification as nature then seems most to need their cheering influence.

Those kinds marked thus † will bear our winters without protection—the others should be covered with straw or a box during winter in this latitude.

530 † Single China rose Rosa indica   567    Dark flowered Rosa obscura
531 † Double red, or daily pallida   568    Single velvet semperflorens
532 † Hamilton dark maxima   569    Double velvet, or Otaheite atrorubens
533 † Hundred leaved sweet scented centifolia odorata   570 † Deep crimson, or anemone-flowered sanguinea
534 † Semidouble purple purpurea   571 † Flesh coloured carmosina
535 † Crimson and white bicolor   572    Blackish purple atronigra
536 † Golden striped bark, very curious aurea   573    Knight's bichonia do. bichonia
537 † Dwarf, or pompone, very small and delicate minor   574                  resplendent do. resplendens
538 † Whitish flowered subalba   575                  regent rose regalis
539 † Maiden's blush albiflora   576                  morduersa morduersa
540 † Dark purple atrapurpurea   577                  animating do. very sweet v.
541 † Grandval, splendid speciosa   578                  invincible do. v.
542 † WilIow leaved salicifolia   579                  grand brilliant do. v.
544 † Hybrid, delicate hybrida   580                  exuberant do. v.
545 † New hybrid purple nova   581    Belle de Monza nova var.
546 † Blush, or diversiflora, variegated cerulea   582    Miss Lawrence's do. the smallest and most delicate of all roses*
547    Blackish nigricans     *So called in London, in honour of Miss Lawrence of that city,
authoress of a splendid work on this delightful class of plants.
548 † Tea scented, of exquisite fragrance odorata    
549    Purple tea scented           purpurea   583    Double do. plena
550    American sweet scented           americani   584    Lord Macartney's white do. bracteata
551    Single tea scented           simplici   586    True Macartney's vera
552 † Climbing scandens   587    Three leaved do. sinica
553 † Thornless duplex inermis   588 † Greville's superb do. Grevilli
554 † Bourduge nova var.   589 † Lady Banks' do. or white multiflora, new and superb Banksiae
555 † Countess of Fresnel nova v.   590 † Roxburg's single white do. Roxburgii
556    Dutchess of Parma nova v.   591    Involucrated do. involucrata
557    Princess Therese nova v.   592    Boursaultian, fine Boursaulti
558    Carolina hybrid carolina   593 † Napal do. napalensis
559    Chaussé chaussé   594    Mauritius mauritii
560    Gigantic. gigantea   595    Scarlet multiflora multiflora, coccinea
561    Gorge pigeon var.   596    Dwarf do. humilis
562    Herbert's new herberti   597    Diminutive leaved Chinese microphylla
563    Fiery ignescens   598    Montezuma rose of Mexico montezumae
564    Magnificent magnifica   599    Vanilla scented var.
565    Monstrous monstrosa   600    Bellote var.
566    New double crimson nova var.   601    Favourite var.

N. B. About one hundred other kinds of roses are under cultivation, which will be mentioned in next catalogue.

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