Catalogue of Greenhouse Plants, Hardy Trees, Evergreen Shrubs, Etc, pp. 15 (1824)
David and Cuthbert Landreth (Philadelphia)

lucida, evergreen or Cherokee. Carolina. 75
multiflora, many fIow'd. Japan rose. E. Indies. 50
indica, Chinese monthly.   50
v. pallida, pale Chinese ever-flowering rose.   75
v. semper florens, dark Chinese monthly, or Otaheti. E. Indies. 50
v. sanguinea, splendid crimson monthly rose.   75
v. minor, dwarf cluster flowering.   75
v. —— scarlet with white centre monthly flowering —
raised from seed by D. & C. L.
  1 00
odorata, sweet scented, or tea rose.   2 00
bracteata, Lord Macartney's.   1 50

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